New cannabis book: The best way to combat anti-drug propaganda

After millennia, cannabis suddenly became a problem in the 20th century. Suggested solutions can now be found in Stephan Schleim’s new book.

Despite the ban, millions of Germans (and people in other countries) consumed cannabis products every year. Because of the ban, they had to accept the risks of excessive dosage, contamination and criminalization. What was an innocent pleasure and medicinal plant for thousands of years became a problem in the 1930s. Government officials, doctors and even scientists contributed false information to the demonization of the natural substance. With Schimmel’s “The Cannabis Protocols” you will learn the essentials about the political origins of the bans and the science of the benefits and risks of consumption.

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From the content: What is a “drug”, what is a “psychoactive substance”? How old is cannabis use in mankind? What do we know about brain development? What does the “cannabis brain” of long-term users look like? What do we make of the age limits that are often set? How does the relaxation of the law influence the frequency of use? What is the risk of psychosis or schizophrenia? A fact check of the medical experts. How did the Federal Constitutional Court uphold the ban? Is there really no “right to intoxication”? How did the prohibition policy come about in the 20th century and why do political actors cling to it so stubbornly? What are the risks of prohibition? What would a better drug policy look like? What were the decisive steps leading up to decriminalization on April 1, 2024? What are the benefits and risks of cannabis use? And is the substance addictive?