Yoga & Science: An Introduction Into the Popular Practice

Is yoga about sport, fitness, personal development, or spirituality? An online lecture with discussion, live from India (March 6, 19:00 hrs, GMT+1 [e.g., Amsterdam & Berlin time])

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Several hundreds of million of people worldwide have already practiced yoga. But what that means can be very different for them: For some, it’s all about sport and fitness. Some practice physical and breathing exercises as well as meditation holistically for a better life. For yet others it is a path to personal development, spirituality, or even a kind of religion.

The number of yoga styles has multiplied since the 20th century. The yoga classes and schools can vary a lot – and yet they all call it “yoga”. In this online lecture, shortly before the 32nd International Yogafestival in Rishikesh, also known of as the world capital of yoga, Stephan Schleim informs you about essential developments in yoga.


The lecture starts out with an historical overview: Originally, thousands of years ago, yoga was mainly an ascetic meditation practice. In the Indian Middle Ages (c. 900 to 1000 C.E.) hathayoga came into being, a form of yoga focusing on physical and breathing exercises to improve or maintain health. In the many “modern yoga” styles since the 20th century, dynamic physical exercises have been developed which are almost exclusively about fitness.

Stephan Schleim then explains some basic principles of physical yoga. In his view, yoga is not about maximal flexibility, but rather the individually ideal balance of mobility, force, and stability. These principles are directly related to our body’s structural elements, especially the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones.

The breath can – given the short time – only be addressed shortly. It is an important means for deeper relaxation. Meditation will be covered at the end of the lecture. This raises the question what insights about one’s mind can mean for personal development and life.

The lecture (c. 30 minutes) will be transmitted live from Rishikesh, North India. Afterwards, there is space for discussion. A reservation is required. The number of places is limited (by Zoom).

Stephan Schleim is a multiply certified yoga teacher. He completed yoga teacher trainings in Rishikesh (Parmarth Niketan Ashram), Mysuru (South India), and the Netherlands (Saswitha-Institute in Bilthoven).

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